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The three subject properties are located along The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Highway N-15. The Cornfields Chapter is located eight (8) miles South of the existing Burnside junction. These properties have been identified as locations for the community potential economic development and discussed as follows.

Deer Point

The 100 acre property is located approximately two (2) miles South of Burnside junction that is North of the Cornfields Chapter. There is no development on this site and is suitable for development. The Chapter initially identified this site as a potential for a motel, restaurant, fast food store and grocery store department. Thus site would be a potential power mall development site. The grocery store would be the intended business anchor for this parcel. This parcel could entertain more development opportunities such as a recreational vehicle park with hook ups, medical potential housing.

Cornfields Junction

The N-15 and Chapter access road intersection N151 is a twenty five (25) acre parcel with local and pass through traffic. This parcel is at a key intersection and is vacant and suitable for development. Storm water drainage and utility location adjustments would be required for this site. This site has potential for various economic development opportunities including a potential site for a multipurpose community building according to the Cornfields Chapter. Economic development potential for this site included a gas station with a convenience store (mini mart), laundry facility or an internet café. Further discussions of the multipurpose facility would house badly needed community services including the Cornfields Chapter Administration with ample conference room space. Other services include a senior center, post office, computer rooms and a cultural room.


The twenty three (23) acre Sunrise site is to the South of the Cornfields Chapter approximately eight miles. On the existing site is an abandoned historic trading post. Initially the Cornfields Chapter identified various potential economic development considerations including a feed store, gas station, convenience store, a tourist center and a potential community museum.

Water, power and sewer utility service is provided by the Navajo tribal Utility Authority (NTUA). These services are in the general area of the developments, but would have to be evaluated and confirmed. Sewer services may have to be established to provide for the new developments in conjunction with enough capacity to provide hookups to existing homes. The Utilities Services Summary will be discussed in each parcel section of the report.

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