Cornfields Chapter Policy and Procedures For Scholarship Assistance Program


The Applicant shall comply and accept the contents of this Chapter Scholarship Assistance Program Policy and Procedure. Eligibility criteria will be as follows:

A. Must be a registered voter of Cornfields Chapter; there is a 6- month waiting period for those who register for the first time.

B. Must be officially enrolled in a post secondary institution.


1. Chapter Scholarship Assistance will depend upon availability of funds, and on a first com first served basis.

2. It will be the policy of the Chapter to only accept two application per household per semester.

3. Limitation of funds shall be as follows:

a. $400.00 per semester to College graduate (Master, PHD)

b. $300.00 per semester to Undergraduate, Full-time (9.0 + credit hours)

c. $200.00 per semester to Undergraduate, (Associate of Arts & Science)

d. $150.00 per semester to Technical, Vocational, Trade School and Certificate Training, Youth Enrichment.

All Applications shall be approved by the chapter manager. Chapter will issue the check to the Student (in their name)

Application package shall be received no later than the first week into the semester/schooling.

(Not at the ending of the school year)

Fall Semester/Quarter/Trimester September 1st
Spring Semester January 1st
Summer Semester June 1st

4. Falsification of information provided by the applicant will automatically result in disqualification and applicant will be ineligible for a period of one (1) academic year.

5. The applicant/recipient shall abide by and comply with the specifics, procedures and eligibility requirements.



a. The Applicant will complete an application package and attach all required documents and submit to the Chapter Administration for review.

b. Applicant must be enrolled Full-Time status with at least 12 credit hours.

c. Must provide an official chapter voter registration document and/or verification.

d. Applicant shall agree to maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.